Do you have a love for flowers? 

Do you have a love for weddings and events? Well you're in the right place, we're always looking to expand our team. 

What positions are we hiring for?:

Floral assistant - the floral team assists with the setup of the full event/production. We are in charge of ensuring that all elements contracted are fully executed beautifully, professionally and most importantly in a very short timeframe. This position is loads of fun however we like to ensure that one understands it is labor intensive. 

Bridal Assistant - The bridal assistant helps out on the day of the wedding with all of the brides needs along with the bridal party. ensuring that the bride is calm, relaxed, comfortable and smiling is your most important job. We are in charge of the details of the event on the wedding day. Calling  upon vendors to ensure delivery times, putting small details items out that come from the couple, ensuring that all set up is complete at the venue, Checking the brides hair, dress, details and collecting knick knacks for the reception are all apart of this role. 

Setup/Breakdown - At the end of each event night/evening, we collect any of our personal inventory/equipment such as glassware, vases, candles, flower stands, arches and more. We safely pack these items away in a box or plastic storage bin to be returned to our storage space. all flowers are removed from the vases and are left for the guests to take home if they would like, if flowers remain by the end of the event (when everyone needs to be out & cleaned up) they are discarded in the trash. 

What you need to know:

We're a small business that does not have a physical office space/warehouse.  We work per event/wedding, mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Occasionally, we will have a weekday wedding/event however it is not common. We will call/text you with enough time in advance for an event and send additional reminders as we get closer to the event date. 

Pay - We pay immediately at the termination of each event, no more than 24 hours later! We pride ourselves on ensuring timely payment to every contractor that takes part of an event. 

Rate of Pay - Rate of pay depends on level of experience. 

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